National Information Exchange Model

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is the result of an effort to produce a set of common, well-defined elements for data exchange development and harmonization in order to effectively and efficiently share critical information at key decision points throughout the whole of the justice, public safety, emergency and disaster management, intelligence, and homeland security enterprise. NIEM was designed as a set of building blocks for creating exchange documents and transactions across government so that the sender and receiver of information share a common, unambiguous understanding of the meaning of that information. Use of NIEM ensures that a basic set of information is well understood and carries the same consistent meaning across various communities, thus allowing interoperability to occur.

This video clip explains the basics about NIEM. If you want more detailed information about how you might use or contribute to NIEM, start here.

NIEM is also now on GitHub, and can be found at, where interested parties can learn more and fork various repositories.

NIEM Sharing Spot Image