Performance Domain Reference Architecture Template

The reference architecture (RA) templates are designed to aid the development of reference architecture artifacts to support interoperability. To learn more about the purpose, structure, method, and how to use these templates, visit the main Reference Architecture Template page.

Alignment with Project Interoperability Tools and Resources: Operational Capabilities

Overview: Describe the metrics necessary to determine whether the implementation of the architecture is successful. Describe also how the metrics will determine the utility of the resulting architecture.

Objective of the Architecture: Provide metrics to be used to measure quantitatively how well the architecture is performing and/or how interoperable, as measured by the interoperability requirements within the Information Interoperability Framework.

Architecture Interoperability Performance Considerations:

  • Provide a high-level overview of recommended metrics to be considered that will measure the successes of the architecture.

  • Review OMB mandated Exhibit 53 and 300 requirements (applies to federal only) and consider how to show the investments contribution to the architecture’s interoperability targets.

Interoperability Performance Metrics:

  • Provide metrics by which the architecture’s performance can be measured from an interoperability perspective and how will the performance be reported. These metrics should aid in deriving the eventual performance requirements of the reference architecture’s underlying systems.

Key Focus Area: Performance - Provide metrics by which to measure and architecture’s interoperability within and between agencies and levels of government. Metrics could include: percentage of open standards adopted and used by systems in the architecture; percentage of applications /services designed to operate in the cloud or web-enabled. If possible specify how each element of the architecture contributes to the overall goal of interoperability both internally and externally to the architecture. Describe the relationship between investments and their alignment with interoperability goals and how to measure the effectiveness of the investments.